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Community raises money to help elderly Georgia woman

More than 280 people pitched in to raise $18,000 in two days to help an 80-year-old widow.

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — When an elderly Fulton County woman was on the cusp of losing her home, the community stepped in to help.

According to an online fundraising website, Ms. Callaway's taxes went from $20 a year in 2014 to over $2,000 in 2021 after her homestead exemption and senior discounts were stripped.

Unable to pay her property taxes, the 80-year-old widow found herself deep in bills.

That's when a friend sprung into action. She and another community member launched an online fundraiser to help her pay off the debt to her Investa Services and clear her liens, the website states.

"We want to get her out of this horrible situation," the fundraiser's organizer said.

Over 250 people stepped up to raise more than $17,000 to help Callaway with her home expenses. 

"Her homestead exemptions have been restored going forward, so any additional funds raised will go towards repairing her home," a GoFundMe representative said.