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Landlord reduces crime 96% in Cleveland Avenue community | Crime solutions

A landlord dedicated to creating communities centered around safety and families is seeing a transformation at her properties.

Kaitlyn Ross, Makayla Richards

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Published: 6:10 PM EDT May 23, 2022
Updated: 6:36 PM EDT May 23, 2022

People want to feel safe in their communities — no matter where they live in Atlanta. 

But often, when properties are bought, it becomes a race to the highest rent rather than an investment in the people living there.

A landlord in southwest Atlanta noticed, just like in monopoly, that when searching for that place to call their own, it's a lot easier for people to feel safe on the expensive side of the board than over, where the rent is low, and the crime is high. 

She is looking to change that model and has results to prove that building with equity and community in mind is always better in the long run. 

This is how one woman works to even the playing field at two Atlanta apartment properties. 

The video below: Meet Marjy Stagmeier | Affordable Atlanta apartment community 

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