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'Libraries are society's best bargain' | Free tickets, audio books and more at metro Atlanta library systems

The library system in metro Atlanta offers several local, educational and technological resources for residents.

Makayla Richards, Sydney Spencer

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Published: 3:57 PM EST December 28, 2022
Updated: 10:42 AM EST January 6, 2023

Virtual reality headsets, 3D printing, and even typewriters are available to just about any Georgian with a flash of a card. 

The often overlooked resources, along with several other aids, are dedicated to serving the community's needs through the Georgia Public Library Services (GPLS).

"It (the library) has every possible piece of equipment that a library would need to allow their patrons to explore that and try it out," Julie Walker, the assistant vice chancellor and state librarian for GPLS said.

And if people are willing, the local libraries will help fill up their event calendars too. All of the metro Atlanta libraries offer events for kids, teens, families and adults. Bring the kids for story time, or enjoy events for patrons 21 years old or older.

"Libraries are society's best bargain," Walker said. "I think people can have just a wealth of resources that they can access for free. But I do believe there are many things in our libraries that we offer that people don't know about."

Resources that are free to anyone with a library card.

From the many books that line the walls of their building, many would be surprised to see hotspots and coding resources like the Raspberry Pi ready for checkout. 

"A lot of them have virtual reality equipment, some of them have sewing machines, they have 3D printers," Walker said. 

The library system also has partnered with several apps for both free audiobooks and ebooks. Patrons can also get free passes to attractions around Atlanta with the library's partnership passes. 

"I particularly love the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University that specializes in Egyptology and those sorts of things," Walker said.

Click the sections above for some of the other exciting things in metro Atlanta libraries, including getting a tie for interviews, green screens and genealogy research.

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