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Senior Source: Cautions on coronavirus scams

Falling for coronavirus scams can empty your pocketbook or wallet in minutes. Don't be fooled.

ATLANTA — As your Senior Source, we have important cautions on coronavirus scams. 

They can quickly empty your pocketbook. So, don’t fall for claims that your coronavirus vaccine is ready from someone asking for your credit card. 

They’re fake.

Don’t get fooled by offers for home coronavirus test kits, either. There are none. And don’t get sucked into phony investment schemes claiming a breakthrough coronavirus treatment. 

They’re a fraud.

Meanwhile, others may involve items that seem more legitimate. But don’t buy masks, gloves, sprays, potions, or anything else other than retailers you know and trust. 

And finally, don’t open coronavirus email alerts claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They may be a scam and could contain malware that can infect your computer system and leave you stranded.

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