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4-week-old baby's life saved after choking by Senioa police officer | Bodycam video

Officer Alexis Callaway and Sergeant Justin Forrester received a call that an infant was choking in December.

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Editor's note: The video above says the child was 3 months old as police assisted the child. The infant was 4 weeks old.

A 4-week-old baby's life was saved after a Senoia police officer responded to a panicked mother's call that her baby was choking.

Officer Alexis Callaway and Sergeant Justin Forrester from the Senoia Police Department received a call back in December about an infant choking. They immediately headed to the scene, according to the department. 

Body camera video released by the police department shows the police officers arriving and running toward the mother's home.

According to Officer Callaway, the grandmother administered first aid to the baby when the police arrived. Callaway said she took the baby from his grandmother and continued administering aid. 

Sergeant Forrester, who assisted Officer Callaway in trying to stop the baby from choking, provided 911 dispatchers with updates on the baby's condition, allowing firefighters and medics responding to know what was going on. 

Officer Callaway said the baby eventually spit out the liquid in his mouth and gasped for air. He explained that the three-week-old was choking on gripe water, a liquid supplement used to ease stomach discomfort in babies. She said the water had gotten into his lungs.

"So, basically, he was drowning on that," Officer Callaway said. "I just kept telling him, come on, come on. He was able to come to; he started becoming coherent."

Firefighters and medics arrived at the scene and further evaluated the baby, checking his vitals to confirm the baby was okay. 

Thanks to the quick actions of Officer Callaway, Sgt. Forrester, the firefighters, and medics on the scene, the now three-month-old baby boy is doing well. 

"The baby is good and healthy. Three months old. Super, super cute. Living his best life," said Officer Callaway. 

Governor Brian Kemp gave his personal thanks to the Senoia police officer on his Twitter page Wednesday.

"Officer Alexis Callaway of the Senoia Police Dept. has made all of Georgia proud. She also continues to honor the memory of her late father who served as president of the Georgia Gang Investigators Association with her service. Thank you for being a hero." 

Officer Callaway's late father, Jimmy Callaway, boasted a long career in Georgia law enforcement. The Georgia law enforcement icon passed away at 47 in August 2022. 

Officer Callaway said she'd received a picture of the baby from its family, who said thank you.


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