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Social media response to child with autism bullied 'meant the world' to boy, family

We asked our 11Alive community to come together and support this young man and his family.

ATLANTA — The first time I met Treavor, he made me laugh.

He’s funny, and smart, really motivated… and he also has high functioning autism. A few days ago, he got beat up because of it.

His mom, though tears, said another kid at a restaurant playground brutalized him because she "thought his voice was funny and he was annoying."

She was so upset.

We asked our 11Alive community to come together and support this young man and his family.

More than 2,000 of you sent him love on Facebook – and hundreds of people shared their own experiences with bullying.

Here are just a few of the responses: 

So sorry, Trevor. Kids can be so cruel. You are such a special God given gift to this world and you are PERFECT just the way you are. Keep your chin up and keep on being you! 😘 -- Amber-Colin Galford  

Hugs to Trevor and his mom! Everyone has something special about them. You are special and will go far in this world! -- Jeannie Taylor 

Treavor you did not deserve what happened to you!! My son has autism too. You just keep being the amazing, awesome boy you are. We ALL have different things. Some people have wheelchairs, some people are blind and deaf. All that means is that they do things a little differently than other people. No one person is better than another!! We are all special in our own way. You’re a rock star and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. -- Kim Hardrath Queary

I talked to Treavor’s mom on Friday, and she told me all of your support has meant the world to Treavor.

It absolutely outshined that horrible experience on the playground, and lifted their whole family up.


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