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Senior Spotlight: Trinity Jordan's journey to graduation included overcoming homelessness

"She makes my heart shine," says Trinity's mother

ATLANTA — Among the seniors graduating today from Banneker High School is one who emerged from a dark tunnel with the strength to persevere.

Trinity Jordan emerged from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to an even bigger hardship — homelessness.

“I was just thinking, am I really just going to give up?” said Trinity. “Because I have a lot I want to accomplish. I have dreams.”

Those dreams took a major hit when Trinity’s mom got into a serious car accident.

“I was working two jobs,” said Danielle Jordan. “I lost both jobs. I lost insurance so I couldn’t do physical therapy. So, I’m figuring things out on my own.”

Just like that, the family was homeless.

Most of Trinity Jordan’s junior year was spent bouncing from one state to another, living temporally with one relative after another. During that time she lost four family members, including two grandparents.

For most teenagers, it would be too much.

“It taught me that you’re not ever alone,” said Trinity. “I like people seeing me happy because I like pulling people’s spirits up.”

Trinity found happiness at Banneker High School. She joined the track team. Running and dance became her way of relieving stress.

It helped her escape the heavy burdens most teenagers never face.

“I’m extremely proud of Trinity,” said her mom. “She makes my heart shine. I smile when I think of how much she’s gone through.”

Rising above her challenging past, Trinity earned a full scholarship to the College of Wooster in Ohio.

She is a living example of how to keep your challenges from beating you.

“Do not bottle your emotions up,” said Trinity. “You know how you shake a Coke bottle up? That will happen.”

Trinity Jordan is an explosion of success built on the many challenges she’s overcome.

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