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'My understanding of love started to shift'| Couple shares story on finding love and bringing new life into the world

"God gives you a path and God directs you on the path, and this is the path that God gave me," Ja'Mel Ware said.

Ciara Bri'd Frisbie

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Published: 11:09 AM EST November 19, 2022
Updated: 2:08 PM EST November 19, 2022

"Being a pregnant man was actually quite difficult for me. It was very challenging because now all of a sudden, people who had understood my identity now were questioning me about my own identity. And so I began to question myself," Ja'Mel Ware, of Atlanta, said. 

11Alive continues to honor all communities through its Voices For Equality series. This is the story of one family's pregnancy journey.

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