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Human Rights Campaign declares State of Emergency | What this means for Georgia

The organization says more states have passed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, causing concern.

ATLANTA — The Human Rights Campaign has issued a national state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people and is signaling which states are found to be infringing upon the community's rights by its standards -- and Georgia is on the list.

It's the first time the HRC has taken these steps because of the spike in legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community. In its report on the State of LGBTQ+ Rights, the HRC has deemed some of Georgia's laws as discriminatory. 

Jeff Graham of Georgia Equality said he sees reason for concern here in the state.

"For the first time in almost 20 years the governor has signed into law legislation that will restrict the decision-making capabilities of parents working with their transgender kids,” said Graham.

Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law on March 23 a ban in Georgia on most significant forms of gender-affirming healthcare for transgender minors, including gender reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy.

The law goes into effect July 1; the use of puberty blockers is still allowed under the legislation.

MORE: Georgia governor signs bill banning most gender-affirming healthcare for transgender minors

Emma Reyes is part of the LGBTQ+ community and thinks the ban on gender-affirming care for kids in the state goes too far.

"It's honestly disgusting," Reyes said. "I mean you want someone who knows themselves. Who knows their own body and they don't feel comfortable in it. Gender-affirming care will make them feel more comfortable in their body."

Graham said while the emergency declaration is needed for the LGBTQ+ community everyone should be concerned because many communities are being targeted.

"It's important to understand that communities of color especially Black and Asian Pacific Islander communities are under attack. People with minority religious views specifically Jewish and Muslims are under attack,” said Graham.

The HRC has reviewed legislation for all 50 states. The organization's breakdown can be viewed here.

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