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'This thing can shape your whole entire life' | Viral Atlanta violinist performs on Miami flight

Richmond Punch gives a high-flying performance whenever possible.

ATLANTA — An Atlanta musician is going viral for his high-flying talent.

Travelers who are lucky to fly with Richmond Punch on their airplane get a free ticket to the sweet sound of his strings.

Punch has made it a habit to fly with his violin. He was recently caught on camera at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport earlier in the week, helping passengers board their flight to Miami in style. The video has gone viral with thousands of views.

For those who are wondering, Punch typically flies Southwest Airlines and doesn't pay to bring his instrument along. He said he doesn't mind giving people a free show.

The musician said he started playing his violin on airplanes because he saw how much joy it would bring to his fellow passengers. He said it feels a lot like the happiness he felt when he first picked up a violin at five years old.

"The first time my mom took me to the symphony, the first time I saw a musician playing jazz, the first time it was brought to the neighborhood street performances -- those are the ways music has left an imprint on my life," Punch said.

The Atlanta musician is just getting started. Punch said playing on planes is helping him manifest his dream of one day touring internationally. He says his love for music is taking him to destinations he never would have imagined.

The violinists said he hopes his now viral performance will help the younger generation embrace all genres of music.

"This thing can shape your whole entire life, help you go to college, help your SATS, and help you achieve your goals in life," he said. "Why not be a musician?"

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