COBB CO., Ga --Hundreds of people have signed a petition asking for change at a Cobb County intersection known for a high number of accidents.

Mike Stern lives in a neighborhood off of the East West Connector, and often hears the sound of crunching metal.

“I live pretty much on the corner here and you hear accidents all the time,” says Stern.

With cameras rolling, Stern took 11Alive Commuter Dude on a drive to show one of the issues.

Because of a grassy median that doesn’t allow him to turn left off of the East West Connector into his neighborhood, Stern travels to Cooper Lake Road for a legal U-turn. Often, drivers turning right from Cooper Lake Road fail to yield to his U-turn, as a lone sign indicates.

“There’s only one sign here that says right turn yield to U-turns,” says Stern. “That’s the only warning.”

Stern also complains that it’s difficult to see oncoming traffic on the East West Connector in order to make a safe turn.

“You can’t see around the cars in the opposite turn lane,” says Stern. “The curve in the road, it’s hard to see the cars coming this way.”

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes asked for accident data and found that there have been 141 accidents at the intersection since the start of 2015.

11Alive reached out to Cobb County, and a study is underway that will examine the accidents and the cause. The county is looking as several potential changes.

Mike Stern insists something needs to happen before he hears the crunch of metal once again.