ATLANTA – The repaving and restriping of Atlanta’s iconic street includes some errors at one intersection, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

A spokesperson for the agency says the errors will be fixed as soon as possible.

Recently, a GDOT contractor repaved a three-mile section of Peachtree, restriping the road to eliminate one northbound lane in order to add a center left turn lane. GDOT says the center turn lane has added efficiency to the corridor.

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However, drivers reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude to complain about the restriping at Peachtree Street and Deering Road. GDOT says the striping there, which is temporary, will be redone.

Issue number one involves the left turn from northbound Peachtree Street onto Deering. GDOT moved the left turn lane and created a painted median where the old turn lane once existed. But fainted striping is still visible. Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes witnessed numerous drivers attempting to use what is now a median to turn left, nearly colliding with drivers trying to turn from the new left turn lane.

When Commuter Dude informed GDOT of the conflict, crews placed barrels around the median to keep drivers from entering. GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale says contractor designed the intersection in error, and will return to eliminate the median and correct the issue.

There is also conflict on southbound Peachtree at Deering. The contractor moved the left turn lane, added a through lane, and added a right turn only lane. There is temporary striping there.

Drivers are caught off guard, and continue to use the lane as a through lane, creating conflict with the drivers who are supposed to go straight.

GDOT tells us the right turn only lane was placed in error and will be eliminated.