ATLANTA – As millions of people across Georgia prepare for their holiday travels, many will spend money on gasoline they don’t need.

AAA says that last year, Americans wasted $2.1 billion on premium fuel when it was not necessary.

Andrew Horne agrees that when it comes to regular fuel vs. the more expensive premium unleaded, you don’t get what you pay for.

“Absolutely will not spend my money,” says Horne. “I don't see any benefit from it. I've tried it and you see no benefit from it.”

In Georgia, the current price of premium fuel is $2.99 a gallon, which is 58-cents a gallon more than regular unleaded priced at an average of $2.41.

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There are vehicles that need premium. Your owner’s manual will tell you if high octane gasoline is required or recommended.

Air and gasoline fill the engine's combustion chamber. In high performing vehicles, compressing this mixture is more intense and can ignite pre-maturely and can cause damage. Premium fuel with more octane can withstand the added compression in those specific vehicles.

Most vehicles don't have to worry.

Mechanic Dan Hoenshel of Midtown BP says premium fuel does burn cleaner, but not enough to make up for the extra cost.

“You're not really helping yourself by putting something in there that's more than you really need,” says Hoenshel.

Some fuel doors will tell you if premium is needed or required.

Andrew Horne’s truck does not require high octane fuel.

“Never have, never will,” he says of using premium fuel.