DEKALB CO., Ga – Driver disobedience is destroying efforts to control traffic on one Dekalb County road, and it comes with a price.

It’s happening on a stretch of Mercer University Drive, where Dekalb County recently replaced several raised pavement markers. The raised ceramic bulbs rattle the tires of vehicles that run over them, signaling that the driver should stay in their lane.

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Drivers destroyed them once, and they’re doing it again.

“When you’re bumping and bouncing, that ought to get your attention,” says commuter L.C. Browning.

It was Browning who got the attention of 11Alive’s Commuter Dude, who visited the spot where Mercer University Drive and Flowers Road split. There are two lanes for commuters to turn right another to continue straight. Over the years, commuters have destroyed the “raised pavement markers” that are supposed to eliminate dangerous swerving and last second lane changes.

At Commuter Dude’s request, Dekalb County replaced dozens of them. But when Jerry Carnes returned to the area to watch commuters react, he witnessed many running over the markers. One truck driver angrily waved off Commuter Dude’s request to stay in his lane.

Another driver crossed through a large area covered in the raised markers, striking the small camera Commuter Dude placed there. Somehow, the camera survived.

At least three of the new markers have not survived the abuse.

Commuter Dude has notified Dekalb County of the continued driver behavior and plans to reach out to Dekalb police.