ATLANTA – A mother and child are just trying to do the right thing on a stretch of road where others do exactly the opposite.

Leslie Stebbins reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude about the misbehavior along Northside Parkway.

“It’s confusing,” says Stebbins. “It’s just a very stressful situation.”

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She’s stressed over trying to set a good example for her 15-year-old

“I don’t want to cause commotion on the road,” says Lauren Stebbins. “I don’t want to do the wrong thing.”

The issue is cause by all the drivers who line up in a left turn only lane on Northside Parkway. But they don’t turn left onto Howell Mill Road.

Instead, they travel straight through the intersection into the left turn only lane for I-75

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes watched as driver after driver ignore the “left turn only” instructions at Howell Mill.

Leslie Stebbins doesn’t want to disobey the “left turn only”, but when she tries to enter the left turn lane for I-75 the proper way, she often finds herself blocked out by the drivers who are doing it wrong.

Commuter Dude reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation. A spokesperson says the agency will study the situation before the holidays and look for a solution. One of the possibilities is allowing traffic to travel straight from what is now the “left turn only” lane to Howell Mill.

Leslie Stebbins and her teenager are anxiously waiting to see what happens.