BROOKHAVEN, Ga -- Commuters driving past St. Martin’s Episcopal School are seeing some added flash that signals their moment to slow down.

New speed limit signs replace those that were often ignored.

“I saw people race through this area as if it was some sort of a speedway,” says headmaster Luis Ottley.

A year ago, Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes reached out to the city of Brookhaven about the speed limit signs that were supposed to slow traffic to 25-miles-an-hour during the times students arrive and depart St. Martin’s. The times were listed, but drivers often zipped past without taking notice.

At the time, the city of Brookhaven responded that St. Martin’s was a private school and would need to provide the funding for flashing lights to alert drivers.

Months passed, and the city reconsidered.

“We said we would work with them, and we did,” says Brookhaven spokesperson Burke Brennan.

City leaders explored several possibilities, and were able to secure some funding from the state.

“That's a major thoroughfare for us,” says Brennan. “It's not just the school. It's all the commuters.”

It was parent Kim Graves who brought the situation to the attention of 11Alive, and never gave up.

“I felt it was important,” says Graves. “This school has been here a long time and why it was never addressed before I don't know,”

It's been addressed now with flashing lights and signs that alert to their speed, and tells them to slow down if they’re exceeding the 25-mile-an-hour limit.

Parents hope it’s a message commuters can’t ignore.