ATLANTA – Frustrated residents of the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts say getting home requires can involve an excruciating wait at a traffic light that won’t allow them to turn even when it’s safe.

Ric Blackburn contacted 11Alive’s Commuter Dude about his attempts to turn left from Boulevard into his complex and the light that keeps him sitting still despite safe spots to make his turn.

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“There’s not a car within sight,” says Blackburn during a ride with Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes in tow. “I’ll sit at the two red lights and wait. This happens 90% of the time.”

Blackburn and neighbor Zach Toth can turn if they make the solid green arrow. Miss it, and they wait.

They want a light with a flashing yellow arrow, the kind you’ll find at other intersections along Boulevard. A flashing yellow arrow allows left turns when oncoming traffic allows.

“At least you can still turn on blinking yellow,” says Toth. “The city has installed these blinking yellows in other areas, but they’re not here. We should have that option.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Mayor’s office indicates it’s going to happen, but not right away.

“The City has met with residents to explore the best solution, and we plan on installing a flashing yellow light,” the statement reads. “Currently, we are conducting an analysis to ensure that this improvement will not increase the risk of car crashes.”

Toth says he constantly sees frustrated drivers running the red light.

Commuter Dude asked the city how long the analysis might take and when drivers might see a change. As of Thursday morning, the Mayor’s office had not provided an answer.

“Once the analysis is complete, we will inform the public of the next steps,” the statement reads.

Blackburn says residents have heard for months that the intersection will get a flashing yellow arrow, but nothing has changed.