ATLANTA – Gas prices are averaging $2.50 a gallon in metro Atlanta and expected to climb as travelers head out for Spring Break.

With that in mind, 11Alive’s Commuter Dude tested a couple of popular smartphone apps that help you find the cheapest gasoline in your area.

The GasBuddy app uses information submitted by actual gas buying customers. Gas Guru uses data collected by something called the Oil Price Information Service. You can get a list, or a map of gas prices in your area.

Commuter Dude found that both Gas Buddy and Gas Guru provide accurate prices most of the time. There are times, however, when they are off.

At a station in Cobb County, Gas Guru had the correct price of $2.49, while GasBuddy had the price at $2.38.

Just down the street, it was Gas Guru that was off, listing the price at another station at $2.54, while GasBuddy had the correct price of $2.49.

Both apps will tell you when the price was last updated. Sometimes the information is hours old.

Gas Buddy allows you to submit the correct price if the app is wrong. The app uses algorithms to detect when someone's entered a price that is clearly wrong.

Some experts are predicting that the price of gasoline nationwide could eventually be as much as 25% higher than it was last spring.