ATLANTA – Summoned to a S.E. Atlanta street to examine one issue, 11Alive Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes quickly noticed a problem involving wrong way drivers.

Tyrone Hunter lives on Brown Avenue and says it is not unusual to see motorists traveling the wrong way down his one-way street.

“At the bare minimum once a day,” says Hunter. “Sometimes maybe twice a day I'll see a car coming down the wrong way.”

Brown Avenue is one-way street pointing toward Jonesboro Road. On occasion, drivers will turn off of Jonesboro onto Brown Avenue traveling the wrong direction. During Commuter Dude’s brief visit, he witnessed one driver moving in the wrong direction.

“I understand now why,” says Hunter. “It’s because of the sign.”

Hunter pointed Commuter Dude to the “one way” sign on Jonesboro Road. At the time, it was partially obscured behind other signs. Commuter Dude quickly notified the city of Atlanta.

Just a short distance from the sign, Commuter Dude spotted a gash in the asphalt caused by a city of Atlanta crew that came to fix a water leak, then left the road in a state of disrepair for weeks.

The city dispatched crews, first to repair the street, then move that one way sign to a higher spot where it is no longer obscured. They went a step further, placing a fresh, new "do not enter" sign at the entrance to Brown Avenue.