SENOIA, Ga – The town of Senoia is known as the town where cameras shoot many scenes from The Walking Dead, but one parent thinks it’s time to bring life to some speed limit signs near a school.

On busy Highway 16, there are signs telling drivers to slow to 45-miles-per-hour near Senoia Charter School. Amy Dees insists the sign is not enough.

“There's no flashing signs, and the cars are continuing to speed by me,” says Dees.

Senoia Charter School is in the city of Senoia. A mile away, there is East Coweta Middle School, which is in Coweta County. While signs near the charter school lack the flashing lights, speed limit signs around East Coweta Middle have them.

The county provides a sheriff's deputy and those flashing lights to slow traffic in the mornings and afternoons around the middle school.

The city of Senoia has placed a police officer in front of the charter schoo lwith his lights flashing. Amy Dees is concerned by the growing amount of traffic, and recent accidents nearby on Highway 16. She wants that added layer of protection for Senoia Charter.

“Speed reduction, a flashing sign would make all the difference, and that's what we're asking for,” says Dees.

The state DOT has cleared the city of Senoia to add flashing lights, but it would be up to the city to pay for it.

11Alive turned to the city administrator, who told us Senoia will have to consider the logistics and cost.

One possibility is to make the entire stretch of Highway 16 a school zone. The flashing lights already in place could move to protect both schools.