ATLANTA – A survey of metro Atlanta commuters indicates rising interest in public transportation.

It also reveals there are many drivers in the metro area who are devoted to their cars.

The survey was conducted by HNTB, a company that advises cities on transportation planning.

According to the responses of those surveyed, 84-percent of metro-Atlanta say want to live closer to public transit stations. That's a 31-percent increase over the number of people questioned 5 years ago.

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44-percent said more transit stations would encourage them to use public transportation.

However, when asked what they would do if construction clogged their commute, 41-percent said they would continue to ride alone in their car. That's more than the 39-percent who said they would switch to MARTA.

Jeff Parker of HNTB says there are indications the demand for transit will continue to grow here in Atlanta.

“We did hear from millennials that there is a larger desire, which isn't surprising,” said Parker. “But what was surprising here in Atlanta, the millennials had a bigger desire to live near transit than we saw around the country.”

Voters in the city of Atlanta recently approved a sale tax increase that will fund an expansion of MARTA.

Fulton County may consider a similar move later this year.

You can read more on the survey here.