ATLANTA – After hearing from drivers frustrated by an inconsistent traffic light on Peachtree Road, 11Alive’s Commuter Dude had to take a walk to find answers.

It turns out that people commuting on foot can, at times, impact drivers trying to turn onto Peachtree.

The complaints come from commuters trying to turn left from Lenox Road onto Peachtree to head south toward downtown. At times, the left turn arrow can last 30 seconds, but there are times when it is as short as 10 seconds.

Often, drivers run the red light.

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes reached out to the Georgia Department of Transportation for an explanation. The answer from an engineer replied that a pedestrian’s activation of the crossing signal throws off the coordinated split times requiring the controller to get back in step.

Confused? Don’t worry. Commuter Dude asked for further explanation.The simple answer is that when a pedestrian activates the signal to help them cross Peachtree, it adds time to the Lenox Road green light in order to help that pedestrian safely cross the road.

Somehow, the light needs to give that added green back to the traffic on busy Peachtree. Those are the times when the Lenox turn signal gets shorter.

There are sensors and cameras that detect traffic and help keep everything in balance.