ATLANTA – As metro Atlanta prepares to travel this holiday season, there are plenty of choices when it comes to parking around Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes and 11Alive’s Liza Lucas took a speed-limit race to the airport to compare price and efficiency when it comes to parking.

Commuter Dude’s destination is one of the park and ride lots on Camp Creek Parkway outside of the airport property. Lucas tries one of the park and ride lots on the airport property.

They begin their “race” during the morning rush hour. While traffic is heavy, both experience a relatively event free ride, arriving at their lots in about 20-minutes.

At Lot C of the airport park and ride, Liza encounters a brief snag. One of the machines that allows drivers into the lot isn’t working. She makes a couple of attempts before an attendant directs her to reverse and enter through another spot.

By then, Commuter Dude is parked and entering a shuttle bound for the terminal.

Liza boards a shuttle as well, arriving at the terminal about five minutes after Commuter Dude.

The cost is similar. Liza’s airport lot charges $10 a day, while the off-site lot chosen by Commuter Dude was $11 a day.

There are cheaper off-site lots on Camp Creek, but they are further from the terminal as would likely involve a longer shuttle ride.