ATLANTA – The salty solution used to protect area roads from snow and ice can damage your car, but you’ve got a little time to hit the car wash.

Brine will get into the cracks and crevices of your vehicle, leaving pre-treated roads to bury itself in the underpinning of your car where it can rust and corrode.

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It’s the reason Damie McGee was one of many at a midtown car wash.

“My dad tells me all the time, he's a car person, he's like get it off of your car ASAP, as soon as possible,” says McGee.

Tim Manning of Two Minit Car Wash says the salt mixture used to treat area roads won’t damage your car immediately, but will begin to eat away at paint and metal if you don’t wash it off eventually.

“You don't have to do it today or tomorrow, but you'll want to get it off within a week or two,” says Manning.

The Georgia Department of Transportation hasn't yet calculated how much brine crews spread on area roads, but each of the 30 trucks used to pre-treat our roads carried 5-thousand gallons of the salty solution. Crews were busy during the 24-hours before snowfall spraying roads, refilling, and spraying again.

Manning says the brine will get into places you can’t see.

“It might be hidden in the cracks and crevices, the bends and folds of the under carriage,” says Manning.

Tim Manning says you might have to wash your car a couple of times to get rid of winter's wicked work.