ATLANTA – A hole left from utility work on a Buckhead street led to a costly surprise for an Atlanta commuter.

The hole on Kingsboro Road was hard for Kay McKnight to see, but she sure felt it.

“I hit it,” says McKnight. “I had a bad flat tire, and had to take time out of my day and have the tire replaced.”

On her way to the grocery store, she was surprised by the hole that was several inches deep and reached at least a foot onto Kingsboro Road.

Soon after, McKnight left for a trip, returning a week later to find the hole still there. Three weeks later, when she discovered the hole was still exposed and threatening other drivers, she reached out to 11Alive.

“It wasn't a huge expense, but I hope it's going to get out to the company and person who did this so it can be repaired,” says McKnight.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude took pictures of the hole, which was clearly the result of utility work. Any utility company that wants to cut and dig beneath a city street first has to get a permit. Commuter Dude asked, and the city of Atlanta provided the only permit issued for the 3400 block of Kingsboro Road, but the number on the permit did’t match the exact address of the hole.

Still, within days of Commuter Dude’s email to the contractor listed on the permit, fresh asphalt filled the hole, eliminating the threat.

Kay McKnight is hoping the party responsible will pay for her flat tire.

A spokesperson for office of Atlanta’s mayor says McKnight can file a claim with the city, who would "determine the party responsible for repairs."

McKnight plans to do just that.