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Cops: Delivery driver used keys as weapon after customer pulled her headscarf, attacked her

When officers got to the man's home they found him naked, covered in scars, marks and bruises.
Rick Painter (Photo: Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

ATLANTA — Police say an Atlanta man was arrested after he reportedly tried to attack his food delivery driver.

According to an Atlanta Police incident report, a Door Dash driver went to the 600 block of South Grand Avenue NW May 5 to deliver an order.

When she got there, the customer, identified as Rick Painter, told the driver to come inside and put the food down on the table. The driver did so, and before walking out, Painter reportedly asked her, "Do you want a $5 tip?"

The driver replied, "No worries, the tip is included in the delivery."

As the driver turned to walk out the door, Painter allegedly grabbed the driver's religious head covering, causing her to spin around, lose balance and scrape her hand.

The report stated that Painter then tried to grab the driver by the neck, but she countered his attack by hitting him multiple times with her keys. The driver immediately left the apartment and called police.

Police met the driver at the South Grand Avenue address. When they got there, they tried to get inside the apartment, but found the door was blocked by a couch.

Officers were able to move the couch aside, and found Painter laying in the bed with the covers up. When they drew the covers back, they found Painter unclothed, covered in scars, marks and bruises on his head and torso.

First responders treated Painter at the home, then transported him to Grady Memorial Detention for further treatment.

Officials charged him with misdemeanor battery. A judge set Painter's bond at $5,000, and his next court date is May 23 at 9 a.m.

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