A few weeks ago, I was invited to the most frightening Halloween experience since my brother locked me in a closet with what I thought was, The Blob.

It was a blown up Hefty bag with a green light behind it but boy did I cry. If you're looking for some truly authentic scare-the-pants-off-of-you Halloween experiences look no further than Universal Studios Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights.

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The entire park is transformed into a terrifying trip through Hollywood's most frightening movies and TV shows depicting authentic scares from start to finish. Even during the day, the creeps are out and about coming at you from numerous scare zones throughout the park.

The houses are endless mazes of jolts to the senses and nightmares that will stay with you well into the next day. You'll be praying for daylight after experiencing Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando.

I was praying for next year so I'll know which homes I can find asylum in when the streets run rampant with the maniacs from ‘The Purge’. At least there I know my fate won't be instantaneous, I'll be made to suffer a while before the next scare.

On a scale of one to five changes of underwear, I give Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios a full on wardrobe change. Check it out for yourself, if you dare.

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