ATLANTA — Drugs may be the leading factor in a shooting that left two men injured and a third dead on Atlanta's west side Saturday evening.

The shooting happened in the 200 block of Hemphill School Road around 7:30 p.m. though police said there appeared to be three scenes.

"We are presently securing search warrants for each of those scenes and interviewing witnesses and searching for any video footage in the area to help us with our investigation," Lt. Andria Webster said.

Webster, who is with the Atlanta Police Department Homicide Unit, said that investigators found drugs at all three scenes.

"We don't exactly know where everything happened at this point," Webster said. "We know we've got an apartment complex, a house and an open area where we're searching for evidence at this point."

The latter of the areas is where police found the body of a dead man whom they believe was an adult. All scenes were within half a mile from one another and police found shell casings at two of them, Webster said.

In an update the next day, police said that based on a preliminary investigation, three men went into the home in the 3400 block of Thompson Street with the intent of robbing the person inside.

But as they were leaving, police said the victim confronted them and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. Two of the suspects and the victim were hit with one dying at the scene.

A third suspect was later arrested not far from the initial scene. 

Police have since arrested Anthony Michael Gregory and Antwan Jermaine Cofer on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and home invasion. The deceased suspect has been identified by the medical examiner as 20-year-old Brian Drone.

On the day of the shooting, Webster said police don't believe there are any other people that were involved in the incident; though, the investigation isn't over. As for the drugs that may have sparked the shootout, police were still working to determine what some of them were.

"We know that, at least, we have marijuana on-scene," she said. "There's also an additional type that we can't determine right now - we've still got to process it."

Shooting on Hemphill School Road in Atlanta on April 27, 2019
Shooting on Hemphill School Road in Atlanta on April 27, 2019
Jefferson Cochran/WXIA