Atlanta police announced, Wednesday, that they are teaming up with Georgia Tech to try and figure out who has been robbing people around campus.

"I think they're targeting Tech students because they know we have laptops and expensive equipment," student, Sarah Seals, said.

Seals and students like her are walking a little faster through the Home Park neighborhood when leaving campus.

"It's extremely scary," Seals said. "I'm constantly watching my back but there's not much else I can do," she said.

Three armed robberies of students over the last three weeks have put them on edge and Atlanta police on patrol.

"We have a multi-focused effort that's unfolding to curtail robberies, identify those individuals and make an apprehension," Atlanta Police Major Darin Shierbaum said.

The spree started on Jan. 25. That's when two students were approached by two men with guns who demanded money. The victims handed over laptops and cell phones.

Three days later it happened again. This time five victims, including three Georgia Tech students, were targeted. They were walking down 11th Street and Atlantic Drive when two men with guns came up behind them demanding what they have. They made off with three cell phones a wallet, identification and $50. Luckily, no one was hurt.

The third incident happened less than a mile away from the other two. A Tech student was walking alone when a four-door sedan came up behind him and stopped. Two men wearing hoodies jumped out.

One of them had a gun while a third suspect waited in the car. They made their victims hand over a bag before getting back in the car and driving down the street, hooking a right 14th Street.

"There's enough commonalities in the vast majority of them, we believe they are connected, being perpetrated by the same individuals," Shierbaum said.

That's why they're using their eyes in the sky – 10,000 cameras around the city. They track back to the Atlanta Police Department Command Center and investigators have deployed additional cameras to areas they think could be connected to the suspects in this case.

In a statement to 11Alive, Georgia Tech Police said:

We see the City of Atlanta's problems in Home Park as our problem too. We are extending additional resources to assist with this problem including regular patrolling in Home Park, increasing the visibility of GTPD officers, and staging our SkyCop mobile surveillance system to improve our chances of gathering evidence that will lead to solving these cases. We also encourage students to take advantage of Georgia Tech's "Safe Ride Home" program to transport them from the campus to their homes.

We stand in support of the Atlanta Police Department to fight crime in Home Park, where many of our students, staff, and faculty live, work, and play.

They're hoping those new eyes will lead to an arrest.