ROME, Ga -- A 15-year veteran of the Rome/Floyd County police department has been arrested by the GBI as part of a narcotics investigation.

Ed Cox, 39, was fired by the department on Monday morning.

Cox has been charged with one count of trafficking marijuana; one count of violation of oath of office; one count of tampering with evidence; and one count of bribery.

The Rome department contacted the GBI in October 2016 after receiving information about alleged corruption.

Cox is the third person arrested in the six-month operation conducted by the GBI and the Georgia State Patrol.

This past Wednesday, Tyson Brown, age 35, and Maverick Brown, age 57, were arrested.

According to the GBI, agents began purchasing marijuana from Tyson Brown's residence as well as two other locations. Approximately 14 pounds of marijuana and two firearms were confiscated after a series of search warrants were issued.

Tyson Brown is charged with distribution of marijuana and trafficking in marijuana. Maverick Brown is charged with one count of trafficking in marijuana.