It's been almost a week since authorities in Taos County, New Mexico made a shocking discovery of several adults and 11 children living in squalor inside a compound.

Following a raid on the grounds last Friday, five adults, including two metro Atlanta men, were charged with child abuse. And while officials rescued the 11 children, a twelfth boy, a 4-year-old from Clayton County believed to have been abducted in December 2017, remains unaccounted for.

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Authorities have since discovered human remains of a child on the grounds of the compound, believed to be of that possibly abducted boy, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, but officials have yet to positively identify them.

New details continue to emerge as the story continues to develop. Here are five new things to know about the case:

1. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the father Siraj, Subhanah and Hujrah Wahhaj - and the grandfather of 11 children found in the compound - was the one who tipped off police.

He says he heard that one of his daughters texted a man in Atlanta saying, "We are starving and need food and water."

Imam Siraj immediately went to police. The elder Siraj began posting on social media in January of this year, urging his son Siraj, to bring Abdul back home. When Imam talked to reporters Thursday, he called his son’s behavior unusual.

"To me, there's obviously something happening, some mental disorder, something, I don't know what it is," he said. "This doesn't seem like them. We know them. You ask Muslims around the world, those who know him, say this is strange."

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2. Subhanah Wahhaj, one of the women arrested at the compound, has been posting on Facebook up until June 11 of this year, but it was only recently that word came from inside the compound that people were starving.

Most posts contained religious messages, but one post from Jan. 7 was about her disappearing and blocking family members from social media. It reads in part, “Deception and lies. Be careful what you believe. And be careful who you believe. The truth will come to light. Don’t worry everyone. I am safe and well.”

Subhanah and Lucas Morten were living in Alabama at the time Siraj and Abdul went missing from Georgia. Later, a police report showed Siraj, Lucas and seven children were involved in a car accident in Alabama.

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3. Although it hasn’t been confirmed through New Mexico’s medical examiner, Imam Siraj says the boy's remains are indeed his grandson Abdul's, and his funeral will be in Atlanta. A GoFundMe has been created to pay for funeral arrangements and travel fees.

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4. The tip about Abdul’s body possibly being found on the compound came from two of the 11 children. A search warrant states at least two of the children said in a safe house interview, that Abdul died and was buried in the compound.

5. The 11 children are now in foster care.

Specific details on whether the children stayed together were not released. However, a spokesperson for CYFD, (the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department) said the foster parents were made aware of their situation. A spokesperson also said it’s too early to have the children in public school, as the organization is currently determining whether homeschooling or other alternative will be better for the children’s educations.

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