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7-year-old killed in revenge shooting, detective says

Siblings Antoine Allen, Keadesia Allen and their uncle Dwayne Allen all face murder charges.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A 7-year-old girl killed last month when her foster home was sprayed with gunfire, was caught in the crossfire of a revenge shooting, according to a DeKalb County Police Detective. 

Detective P.A. Wright testified he found 19-30 casings from an AR-15 rifle outside Mariasia Thomas' Ellenwood home on April 12. She had been shot in the head while watching TV and died several days later at the hospital.

DeKalb County Police Detective P.A. Wright said during Tuesday's preliminary hearing that, when police arrived on the scene on April 12, "the left side of the house from the basement all the way up to the top of the living room area was all shot up." 

Two witnesses who were in the house as it was shot at, described as a boyfriend and girlfriend - it's not clear if they were Thomas' foster parents - saw the girl with "blood pouring from her head" and took her to another room for cover. 

The girl died 10 days after the shooting.

DeKalb Police eventually arrested Keadesia Allen, 23, her brother Antoine Allen, 21, and their uncle Dwayne Allen, 27. In court Wednesday, Detective Wright painted a picture of a revenge killing organized by Keadesia Allen and executed by Dwayne Allen and Antoine Allen.

"Patrick Noel (who lived in the home with Mariasia) stated that on April 10 of this same year he, someone named Sasha and a Kirk, I believe his name was David Kirkland and Keadesia Allen all went out to some studio, they got drunk, they went back to 3541 Satellite Blvd. where all laid their head for the night," testified Det. Wright. "At some point the following morning Keadesia wakes up stating these guys robbed her. Drugged and robbed her. They took her money and her firearm."

Keadesia reported the burglary to police. No charges were filed. But Noel and his mother, who also lived in the house with Mariasia, told police Allen would be the only person they could think of who would shoot up their home.

Police later found texts on Keadesia Allen's phone saying "she did threaten to basically flip the house - which means shoot the house up," Wright said.

According to the detective, the three family members charged in the murder have given conflicting accounts of what happened the night of April 12. 

Dwayne Allen, the uncle, said he was hosting a gathering at his house and never left it that night. He claimed he gave the AR-15 used in the shooting - which police confirmed was his with the store where he bought it - to his niece and nephew, that they left his home and that they later returned without giving it back.

He said he tried to get it back the next day and didn't know what had happened to it. The weapon hasn't been recovered.

The uncle also told detectives he overheard his niece and nephew plotting to "f*** up" Noel.

Antoine Allen told police a different story. He said that he left with his uncle - who had just lost money in a dice game - to the house, on Satellite Boulevard in Ellenwood. Antoine Allen said he was supposed to be the gunman but couldn't bring himself to do it.

When he "got scared," Wright said he was told, Dwayne Allen "took over" and shot at the house.

Antoine Allen and Keadesia Allen were arrested on May 13 and the uncle was arrested four days later

A judge ruled in Wednesday's hearing that there is probable cause to proceed with the prosecution of all three.

The siblings each face two charges -- felony murder and felony aggravated assault. Their uncle is also facing those same charges, plus an additional charge of making false statements.

Thomas’ biological parents said they were devastated after her death.

“The system took my kids, they say, to help my kids, but took my kids and put my kids in danger,” Chanrica Boyd, her mother, said. “They took a precious life. She was just an innocent girl. She didn’t deserve to leave this young.”

Her father, Mario Thomas, said he’d been having sleepless nights ever since the tragedy.

“I felt like my child was going to be in good arms, but now my child is dead and gone. My little girl is gone,” he said.


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