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911 call: Gun store where 3 were killed was 'locked up' when family member arrived

Police have previously said the owners of Lock, Stock and Barrel in Grantville and their grandson were believed to be killed in a robbery.

GRANTVILLE, Ga. — Coweta County released the 911 call from a shooting at a Grantville gun range and store that left its owners and their grandson dead last week.

The call adds a new detail to a tragedy that an ATF expert previously told 11Alive he suspects whoever committed the crime was "either familiar with the location because they have been in there multiple times or they had some other sort of inside knowledge about what was going on inside that store."  

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The 911 call was made by the county coroner Richard Hawk, who is the son of Lock, Stock and Barrel gun store owners Tommy and Evelyn Hawk, and the father of 18-year-old Luke Hawk, who was also found dead at the scene.

In the call, Hawk says he can see inside the store and that, "I see blood coming from my son." But he can't get into the store, he says, because "the door is locked, everything is locked up."

That adds to previously released details by police, which include that the killer or killers stole 40 weapons from the store - as well as the store's security camera DVR.

The brief call, lasting about a minute and a half, begins with Richard Hawk telling the 911 dispatcher to "get some police officers" to the store. "I think somebody has robbed us and probably shot my family.. oh my God," he says.

"The door is closed, the door is locked, everything is locked up. I see blood coming from my son's - I see blood coming from my son. I can't tell if anyone is dead or alive or what, but he's not moving, he doesn't look like he's breathing," he tells the dispatcher.

Responding to a follow-up question, he says, "My parents are also supposed to be here too, just get somebody down here quick."

Asked if he can perform CPR on his son, he responds, "I can't even get in the door. Tell somebody to bring some lock cutters with them because I don't have my keys."

The call ends with the dispatcher asking Richard Hawk if he knows who did it, and he says, "No like I said - I am - I don't know, the door's shut up, everything is shut up, oh my gosh."

>> Hear the 911 call below:

So far no arrests have been made in the case, and there have been no announced suspects. A reward for information in the case is on offer for $25,000.

Grantville Police Chief Steve Whitlock said Tommy and Evelyn Hawk, who own the range, usually close up shop by about 5:30 p.m. and come home by 6 p.m. every day. When they did not get home last Friday evening, Richard drove to the shooting range. 

According to Whitlock, Richard discovered their bodies inside the business, along with his son's, shot dead — each one on the floor a few steps away from each other.

Tommy and Evelyn Hawk and Luke Hawk are being laid to rest on Thursday.

11Alive's Jon Shirek spoke to relatives on Wednesday night ahead of the funeral. Shelby Wright, Luke's aunt, said that, “Tommy and Evelyn and Luke were just Christian, hard-working, wonderful people. And we are just so grateful for the outpouring of support and all the prayers, and we just feel lifted up and loved, right now.” 

Ron Whitlock, Luke's uncle, said they’re praying not just for police and investigators, but also, “We’re praying for the redemption of the perpetrators who did this horrible thing, and our prayers are with them, that they may find forgiveness, as well. That was the kind of people they (Tommy, Evelyn and Luke) are.”

How to help

Anyone with information to help police, and to qualify for a reward, can call the tip line at 1-888-ATF-TIPS.

The family is asking that, instead of flowers, people would contribute to charities important to Tommy and Evelyn and Luke, as well as to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Reward Fund.

Donations to the Coweta Community Foundation will assist in tornado recovery efforts concerning the storm that damaged the county last year. The Hawk family is also asking for people to assist the community by gifting funds to the Ronald McDonald House.

People can also help add to the reward currently being offered in the case by donating to the Coweta County Sheriff's Reward Fund. Interested donors can mail a check to the sheriff's office at 560 Greison Trail, Newnan, GA 30263.

Donors should note the check with "Hawk Family Reward," according to the family.


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