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'I don't want to move her' | 911 calls detail Rosa L. Burney Park shooting

APD said the six were shot after an argument about a game escalated at the Dunbar Recreation Center inside Rosa L. Burney Park.

ATLANTA — Newly released 911 calls are providing new details in the aftermath of the chaotic scene that unfolded after gunfire went off at an Atlanta park, where six people were shot.

According to Atlanta Police Department investigators, two people died in the shooting. A six-year-old was hurt, and three others were rushed to the hospital on Aug. 8.

APD said the six were shot after an argument about a game escalated at the Dunbar Recreation Center inside Rosa L. Burney Park.

Authorities released two 911 calls reporting the shooting.

"Dunbar recreation, a child is shot," a woman is heard frantically telling dispatch in one of the calls.

"Are you with the patient right now?" dispatch asks her.

"Uh uh, no," the woman said. "I'm runnin.'"

She told dispatch that she was at a softball game when someone fired shots. Around two minutes into the call, dispatch works to call Grady Memorial EMS, the woman practically begging dispatch to send an ambulance.

"We got four people out here shot, please!" the woman said on the call. Dispatch works to assure the woman that she has called for medical services. 

"Hurry up, we got four people shot," the woman yells.

The two are on hold with ambulance services for a few minutes as yelling and crying are heard in the background. At this point, the woman and the group she is with have made it to the parking lot of Dunbar Elementary School, according to the caller.

Dispatch once again asks how many people have been hurt six minutes into the call.

"It's six people hurt, five of them taking themselves to the hospital because you're taking so long," the woman said. "Can you please -- there's a man dead up in here too."

The woman hands off the phone to another person, who begins to answer the dispatcher's questions, adding her family member is one of the people hurt.

"Your family member, what part of the body was injured?" dispatch asked.

"Her leg, her side and her back," the woman said calmly. "I don't want to move her."

Rashad Rogers, 31, and April Sparks, 33, died in the shooting, according to APD. The 6-year-old was listed as critical at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and three other shooting victims were determined to be stable, according to APD's previous report. 11Alive has reached out to authorities to check on their condition.

Police said they are working on speaking with two people they believe to be involved in the shooting. They've released a photo of one person.

Credit: Atlanta Police Department

In the meantime, there's an online fundraiser for the 6-year-old. 

"While at a softball game at Rosa L. Burney park, my daughter Serenity Stephens who is 6 years old, was shot nine times in multiple places. My daughter is now in the hospital in critical condition," the fundraiser organizer, who said she is the child's mother, said. "I appreciate all the prayers and concerns and ask that you guys keep Me, my daughter and my family in your prayers as we have a long road to recovery."

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