DEMOREST, Ga. — A suspected meth dealer was arrested after a 6-month investigation in Habersham County, Georgia, according to the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office. 78-year-old Jasper Jerry Carlan was arrested and told police he had been selling methamphetamine in the area for 20 years and had never been caught before, police said.

A search warrant was issued on March 7 for a home on Golf Course Road in Demorest, where authorities seized 8 ounces of meth from Carlan that had a street value of $24,000, according to police. An additional $1,300 in cash was also seized.

Suspected meth dealer arrested in Habersham County
78-year-old Jasper Jerry Carlan was arrested after a 6-month long investigation uncovered methamphetamine with a street value of $24,000.
Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office

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Two others were also arrested. Robin Early May was taken into custody because he allegedly helped Carlan distribute meth to customers. Keith Lamar Pitts, who was a suspected customer, was arrested after he brought a gram of meth to Carlan’s house while police were searching.

Carlan was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine, selling meth and possession of meth with intent to distribute. May was arrested for trafficking and the sale of methamphetamine. Pitts was arrested for possession of meth. All three were transported to the Habersham County Detention Center.  


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