Community activists are calling for an Atlanta police officer to be fired and face criminal charges, after new details have come to light about a shooting this week in northwest Atlanta.

Investigators say Altman Hall, 34, told police he had a gun and threatened to shoot them, but no gun was ever found in the ensuing investigation.

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Hall broke into his family's home two days ago. Police said Hall had been kicked out of the home and the residents had a restraining order against him.

The family called 911 and police surrounded the house for more than an hour.

Police said Hall was threatening to shoot them during the standoff. He then stepped out of the house and a police officer fired one shot and struck Hall in the abdomen.

After a search, it was discovered that Hall was unarmed.

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“This police officer crossed the lines,” said Sir Maejor, leader of Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta. “He was an overzealous, trigger-happy, police officer.

“We do know for a fact that Mr. Hall didn't have a weapon. There were never any weapons recovered from the home.”

Hall is still in the hospital. Once he's released, he'll head to jail where is charged with aggravated stalking and burglary.

“There were never any weapons recovered from the home, which leads us to believe that this officer needs to be fired,” said Sir Maejor. “There are criminal charges that should be brought against him. He shouldn't be a police officer anymore.”

The officer who fired the shot is on desk duty while the investigation plays out.