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Ahmaud Arbery's murderers react to guilty verdict

Watch the moment all three men were found guilty of murder.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A jury in Glynn County decided the three men who chased down Ahmaud Arbery in their pickup trucks before shooting him with a shotgun are murderers. Arbery was murdered in February 2020 while running away from them.

After weeks of trial and about 11 hours of jury deliberation, Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William 'Roddie' Bryant were found guilty on more than a dozen counts including murder. Click here for a list of the charges and the verdict. Each of the men are facing 30 years of prison at least.

Travis McMichael is the man who pulled the trigger. He was found guilty on all charges. Watch his reaction in the video below.

Greg McMichael, Travis' dad, was driving a pickup truck and was the one who told Travis to get his gun when they saw Arbery jogging. He was found guilty of all but one charge - malice murder. Watch his reaction in the video below.

William 'Roddie' Bryan followed behind the McMichaels in his pickup truck and recorded video as he chased Arbery with them. He was found guilty of six of the nine charges. Watch his reaction in the video below.

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