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Where is Satilla Shores? | Neighborhood at center of Ahmaud Arbery death trial

That neighborhood, known as Satilla Shores, is a subdivision adjacent to two waterways consisting of five streets lined by several homes.

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — The murder trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery has centered around events that happened on Feb. 23, 2020 in a small Georgia neighborhood, tucked off the Jekyll Island Causeway, not more than about a mile-and-a-half to walk around.

That neighborhood is known as Satilla Shores, a subdivision adjacent to two waterways consisting of five streets lined by several homes.

The New York Times described it in a profile last year as a "mixed bag of blue- and white-collar retirees, young working-class families, lifelong residents and transplants from northern states."

"Some homes have weedy lawns and old vehicles and old boats in their yards. Some are pristine," The Times profile noted.

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One such home was under construction, belonging to a man named Larry English. It's a home at the heart of the case, where Arbery was seen on video wandering around a number of occasions in the weeks leading up to and including on the day he was shot and killed, with no evidence he ever took anything or did any damage on site.

It was not uncommon for others, including neighborhood children and a white couple recorded at one point, to glance around at the property or go to its dock out back.

The neighborhood is situated in Brunswick, in Glynn County in southeast Georgia.

It can be entered via one of two roadways - Satilla Drive, which runs north to south from the top to bottom of the neighborhood, and Zellwood Drive, which west to east. There are two middle connecting streets, Jones Road and Holmes Road, and the fifth - Burford Road - which composes the southeast corner of the neighborhood, starting at the south end of Satilla Drive and running east to meet Zellwood Drive.

It's about at that point, where Burford and Satilla meet and feed up into Holmes, that Arbery was shot and killed.

Credit: Google Maps

It's also a neighborhood in part marked by racial divisions. The neighborhood sits across the causeway from another neighborhood called Fancy Bluff, which is historically more concentrated with Black residents.

One Black resident of Satilla Shores told The Times last year, "They’re not used to seeing a lot of black faces around here."

Defense lawyers have said the neighborhood was "on edge" at the time Arbery was killed, after a series of reported auto thefts and property burglaries, and The Times reported residents made calls to 911 more than 80 times in the months before the Feb. 23, 2020 killing.

How the jury interprets the string of reported thefts and their impact on the neighborhood decides whether it was reasonable for father and son, Greg and Travis McMichael to begin pursuing Arbery on the day he died and will determine whether murder convictions are returned in the case.

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