In less than a week, another Georgia Tech student was robbed at gunpoint early Thursday morning.

Atlanta Police Capt. Andrew Senzer said this type of robbery is turning into an "uncomfortable trend.

"We're working diligently to put our people out there to make this an unfriendly place for this type of incident to happen," he said.

At 2:30 a.m., Atlanta police responded to State and 15th Streets for reports of a pedestrian robbery.

When they arrived to the location, they met with the victim, a male Georgia Tech student, who told police he was walking home when a male suspect approached him coming up from 15th.

The suspect pulled a gun and told the victim to put his hands up. He then took take the victim's wallet and book bag containing various items such as textbooks, a laptop and his cell phone.

The suspect then fled the scene in a tan vehicle parked on 15th and drove toward 16th. The victim was not harmed.

This robbery will have been the fourth incident over a span of three weeks where a student, specifically a Georgia Tech student, was robbed at gunpoint.

APD Chief Erika Shields talks about recent crime at Ga. Tech.

Georgia Tech released this statement:

"These crimes are a city-wide concern that have affected Home Park. The Georgia Tech Police Department is working closely with the City of Atlanta and support their efforts to reduce crime.

We see the City of Atlanta's problems in Home Park as our problem, too. We are extending additional resources to assist with this problem including regular patrolling in Home Park, increasing the visibility of GTPD officers, and staging our SkyCop mobile surveillance system to improve our chances of gathering evidence that will lead to solving these cases. We also encourage students to take advantage of Georgia Tech's "Safe Ride Home" program to transport them from the campus to their homes.

We stand in support of the Atlanta Police Department to fight crime in Home Park, where many of our students, staff, and faculty live, work, and play."

Atlanta Police are unable to confirm whether or not these incidents are connected in some way and are asking anyone who may have information on this incident to please contact them.

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