A Statesboro woman is not facing charges after her finger got stuck in the gas tank opening of her boyfriend's truck. Her boyfriend said she was trying to pour lemonade into his gas tank because she was upset he was spending too much time with his friends, and not enough with her.

A Bulloch County Sheriff's Deputy had to sort the entire situation out on Sunday when he responded to a domestic dispute call. The Statesboro Fire Department was also called.

Alexandria Melvin had gotten her fingers lodged in the gas tank opening of Anthony Cody's pick-up.

The deputy found out that Cody and Melvin had been involved in a relationship for about three years. Cody says he was spending a lot of time socializing with friends, and that Melvin wanted him to spend more time with her instead.

He told the deputy that Melvin was trying to pour a bottle of pink lemonade into his gas tank when her fingers became stuck in the gas tank opening. The deputy said he found the bottle of lemonade in the bed of a truck nearby. The owner of the truck -- one of Cody's friends -- said he tossed it in the bed of his truck when they found it.

Fire Department and EMS crews worked for about two hours in an attempt to free Melvin's finger from the gas tank opening without success. Fire department crews ended up cutting a section of the rear quarter panel of the truck surrounding Melvin's finger away and taking it -- along with Melvin -- to the hospital.

An earlier report indicated that Melvin was being charged in connection with the incident. Authorities later said they had opted not to file any charges in the incident.