ATLANTA — An officer who was allegedly trying to break up an attack at an Atlanta gas station is now without his gun after being ambushed by a second suspect.

The incident happened at the corner of Campbellton and County Line roads in southwest Atlanta.

Atlanta police said the officer was called to the scene due to a disturbance in the store where those causing it were refusing to leave. The officer arrived to find one of the people allegedly responsible for the issue in an altercation with the clerk - but he ended up in his own struggle as he tried to break it up.

"He approached the subject and the subject started a fight - a physical fight - with my officer and while he's in the physical fight with one suspect, another suspect came from behind him and jumped his back," Atlanta Police Major Celeste Murphy said.

She said that while he was struggling with both suspects his weapon was stolen.

"Of course, it's extremely high-level with us right now to get that weapon back," Murphy said. 

Authorities initially said that his radio was stolen as well. However, investigators were later able to find the radio and said it wasn't stolen after all.

Major Murphy added that they have surveillance video and are looking at it, and speaking to witnesses, to gather clues.

"Right now, we're just interviewing anybody that has any information about this," she said.

Police are still searching for both suspects who were only described as black males in their 20s to 30s. Meanwhile, Murphy said the officer is doing well and only had minor bruising as a result of his scuffle with the two suspects.


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