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'You do feel frustrated' | Asian families frustrated over unsolved crimes they believe were racially motivated

Just this year, metro Atlanta has seen a few cases of crimes where victims say they felt targeted because they’re Asian American.

ATLANTA — Just this year, metro Atlanta has seen a few cases of crimes where the victims felt they were targeted because they’re Asian American. So far, none of these cases have been solved.

Johnny Hang is still waiting to get all the parts he needs to fix the shattered windows around his house in Lawrenceville.

A month ago, someone fired multiple shots at the house while his family was home. The bullets pierced walls and windows but luckily, no one was hurt.

“You do feel frustrated being Asian. With these hate crimes against Asians nowadays, I don’t know if it’s a hate crime or not but it sure seemed like it when it first happened,” Hang said. 

Gwinnett County Police don’t have any updates on the case, and previously wouldn’t say if this is a hate-crime. But, they are investigating. The Hang family said they don’t know why someone shot at their home because they just moved to Lawrenceville and don’t know many people.

The Hangs case is one of several recent crimes in metro Atlanta involving Asian Americans.

Back in March, someone spray-painted an Asian racial slur on Sonethida Siharath's car in Suwanee while she and her husband were inside a movie theater.

Suwanee police said there are no updates in that case.

Most recently, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office warned people of an organized criminal group investigators believe are targeting AAPI homeowners.

Sheriff James Hale said there are now two cases. The most recent incident happened on Sunday night. Sheriff Hale is asking residents to look out for one another.

“We want to try to stop that as best we can before it ever even happens,” Sheriff Hale said. 

On Tuesday, the House passed a bill to address anti-Asian crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing the justice depart to expedite its review of the cases.

Hang said even if his family is still waiting for answers, he’s encouraged seeing some action at the federal level.

“That’s great news because you know that they’re paying attention now,” Hang said. 

According to the website StopAAPIHate.org,  Georgia ranks in the top 20 states with self-reported hate crimes toward Asian Americans.


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