An Atlanta police officer indicted on criminal charges for a crash that cost another driver her arm has been suspended.

Police spokesperson Carlos Campos confirmed that following the criminal indictment on Wednesday, Dejoira Phillips was suspended with pay until she can attend a hearing before the police chief in the coming week.

From there, Chief Erika Shields will decide whether Phillips can return to work or remains on suspension - without pay - until her case goes before a judge.

Phillips is accused of driving recklessly, running a red light and crashing into another woman's car on Feb. 21, 2018. The other driver, Lisa Williams was seriously injured and ended up losing her arm in the crash.

Atlanta Police Officer Dejoira Phillips
Atlanta Police officer Dejoira Phillips has been indicted on four criminal charges related to an accident in February that forced a woman to get her arm amputated.
Atlanta Police Department

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Williams’ attorney claims Phillips had, for some reason, switched her light bar to a setting that flashed her blue lights only toward the back of her car - not toward the front - so Williams didn’t see her coming. Dash cam video from the accident has not been released.

Atlanta police at the scene refuted that, however, saying that the officer was responding to a call and had her lights and sirens running at the time of the crash. 

On Wednesday, the Fulton County Grand Jury indicted Phillips on four charges, including two felonies: serious injury by vehicle and violation of oath of office. The Grand Jury also indicted her on two misdemeanors: failure to obey traffic control device and reckless driving. 

Atlanta Police confirmed that Phillips has been on full duty since the accident and that the department is "gathering information regarding the indictment and charges."