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Autopsy report: Letters carved into body of woman stabbed to death at Piedmont Park

The 11-page document details "sharp force injuries" to Janness' face, neck, and torso.

ATLANTA — A medical examiner has released an autopsy report for Katie Janness, the woman who was killed in Piedmont Park earlier this year.

The 11-page document details "sharp force injuries" into Janness' face, neck, and torso, causing "injuries of major blood vessels and internal organs." Her death is being labeled as a homicide, according to the report. It also reveals she was stabbed more than 50 times.

The report also said that the letters "F," "A," and "T" were carved into Janness' chest. The 40-year-old was found stabbed to death with her dog in Piedmont Park back in August.

Her partner, Emma Clark, said she had come by her restaurant, Henry’s, while walking their dog, Bowie.  APD said a camera near 10th and Piedmont captured her last moments as they walked across the Rainbow Crosswalk.  It was the opposite direction of her home.

When she didn’t come home, her partner got worried and found her through the find my iPhone app.

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Credit: Provided
Katie Janness and her dog, Bowie.

Joe Clark, the father of Janness' partner, said he read the autopsy.

"What I found so heartbreaking and disturbing is to know what the final moments of her life was after reading that," he said. "It's undoubtedly a very angry, disturbed person. It's the only thing I can think of to do so much damage to someone." 

"I don't see how one person could have inflicted that much damage on someone," he said after reading the report's details. He believes there could be more than one person responsible.

Joe Clark added that his daughter would likely not read the autopsy report, the details being too disturbing. He later explained how Emma Clark has been a focal point of online harassment in the months following Janness killing. 

"Emma is the new victim," he added, detailing the ways in which his daughter's address had been posted online. He said her phone was also flooded with upsetting messages and there had been unfounded theories of her involvement in the case.

Joe Clark also spoke on their frustration over how the city has responded to the killing and what he sees as a lack of urgency around the case. He wants to see more actions taken to keep residents safe.

11Alive reached out to APD to see if there are any updates in the case. However, they said the investigation is active and on-going and they have nothing new to release at this time. No arrests have been made.

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