NORCROSS, Ga. — If you get a call from the Norcross Police Department, it might be time to call the police.

The department is advising the public about a scam in which callers are “claiming to represent the Norcross Police Department and asking for money” they wrote on Facebook on Monday.

Apparently the scammers give instructions for how to get a prepaid debit card and send money using it.

Norcross Police say they never ask for money over the telephone.

Someone might be targeting you in the scam “if you receive a phone call from our telephone number and/or a caller ID with the name Norcross Police and someone is asking for money” according to the department’s post.

They advise people that if they receive such a call, hang up and dial their number at 770-448-2111 to verify the identity of anyone trying to reach you.

Be sure not to dial back the contact that came through on the first call you received, though, as that will send you back to the scammers. Manually dial the Norcross Police Department number in your phone.

SCAM Alert: There have been reports of citizens receiving phone calls from callers claiming to represent the Norcross Police Department and asking for money. They are telling citizens that they will...


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