The Barrow County sheriff has released police bodycam footage of the arrest of the two University of Georgia football players from early Sunday morning.

The Chevrolet Camaro the two were initially in was pulled over by deputies on Georgia Highway 316 after midnight, only hours after the Bulldogs victory over the Auburn Tigers in the SEC Championship.

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The players, Jayson Stanley and Natrez Patrick, were charged with marijuana possession. In addition, Stanley, the driver of the Camaro, was charged with DUI and speeding.

Early in the video, the players can be seen standing handcuffed, illuminated by the lights of the police car behind them.

"Sir, unfortunately, the marijuana was in your seat - where you were sitting and the bottle of the leftover marijuana - was underneath your feet," one officer explained to Patrick.

He then tells Patrick that he's under arrest for possession. To that, Stanley responds "hold on, it's mine. It's my car though."

The marijuana was on Patrick's seat but in Stanley's car. 11Alive's legal expert and host of The Late Feed Vinnie Politan said, "if they're in the courtroom, that could be a defense for Patrick. So this could be the gray area in the marijuana controversy that could keep Patrick on the field for the Rose Bowl."

The nearly hour-long video shows the entire arrest and search process that deputies undertook during the traffic stop early Sunday morning. At one point, one of the handcuffed men can be heard pleading with deputies.

UGA players Jayson Stanley and Natrez Patrick were arrested by Barrow County Sheriff's Deputies on GA 316 early Sunday morning, just hours after the Dawg's SEC Championship win in Atlanta.

"It's my car, though. Please, please, please. If you've got a heart, please listen," one of the players said, although it is not clear which one. "Please, if you've got a heart, we've been through the biggest s--- of our life. We're sorry. We not no bad kids. That's the end for him, man! If we go to jail, that's it, man, his career, bruh! That's his life, his family..."

Later on in the video, the deputies more fully search the Camaro and can be heard talking to each other, wondering aloud if the two are actually UGA players.

"They both football players, I take it?" one deputy said.

"I have no idea," the other replied.

"That's what I gathered," the first one said. "That they played football together at Georgia."

"They played -- or play?" the second one said, looking for clarification.

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"Play," the first one replied.

"Play -- hmph."

"Well, they wasn't there tonight, I don't think," the first one said. "I don't know -- It doesn't really matter."

"Yeah, I was just curious if they told you," the second one said.

"I hadn't asked," the first one said. "I thought they drug-tested their athletes."

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The video continues with the players being strapped into the rear of a cruiser and being taken to jail. By the end of the video, the deputy wearing the bodycam can be seen filling out paperwork as the players are being processed at the Barrow County Jail.