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Bradley Cooper 'lookalike' wanted for allegedly shoplifting at Henry County Home Depot

Have you seen him?
Credit: Henry County Police Department

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Police in Henry County are looking for a man accused of shoplifting from a Home Depot store last month.

Not perhaps the most groundbreaking story - except for who the man reminds people of.

The Henry County Police Department posted a surveillance photo of the man last week. 

It shows the suspect casually rolling out a Bosch rotary laser kit on a cart. According to Home Depot's website, that kit can cost hundreds of dollars.

But what really grabs you about the surveillance photo - with several hundred people commenting on the Henry County Police Facebook post - is how much the suspect looks like "Hangover" actor Bradley Cooper.

Credit: Henry County Police Department

"You know it’s hard times when Bradley is having to steal!!!" one commenter wrote.

"I came to comment that it looked like Bradley Cooper. Glad I wasn’t alone. But seriously is this not a prank!? Is it not BC!?" another commenter asked.

Seems like it should be an easy case to solve - it's not all that often the real Cooper is around metro Atlanta.

Anyone with information about the case - or who sees someone who looks an awful lot like Bradley Cooper - is being asked to call Detective Sergeant J. Holisky at 770-288-8252, the Henry County Non-Emergency Dispatch at 770-957-9121, or text tips, photos, and videos to 770-220-7009.


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