There has been another theft at a northeast Atlanta storage unit facility that is plagued with thefts. People's personal belongings -- easy prey.

It's a story we first brought you on Tuesday, and so far, there's nothing stopping the crooks from stealing what they want from people's storage lockers.

The self-storage business at Lindbergh Drive and Cheshire Bridge Road, Extra Space Storage, is number one in the city for thieves getting past the access codes and breaking into people's lockers to steal their stuff.

"I really feel violated at this point," said Dionne, a customer -- and a theft victim.

Dionne lost her jewelry, and she's not liking what she's hearing about the latest break-in there.

She says she didn't even know anyone had broken into her storage locker until she opened it on March 2. Her lock hadn't been cut or removed. Instead, someone climbed over the metal wall and through the open ceiling, and dropped down into her locker to steal her valuables, leaving the same way.

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According to the latest numbers from Atlanta Police, there have now been at least ten storage locker break-ins at Extra Space Storage on Lindbergh since the beginning of 2018 -- that's more than 1/4 of the 37 storage locker thefts in the entire city of Atlanta so far this year.

"In this case, we don't have anything, specifically, on any individual at this time," said Atlanta Police Lt. Jeff Childers-- no suspects, yet.

Extra Space Storage advertises "a safe environment;" "peace of mind;" "24-hour video surveillance throughout the property."

Lt. Childers says investigators found that none of the cameras were located at any of the ten lockers that have been burglarized.

"There's not video looking directly at the storage unit or video that we can actually identify the suspect on," Childers said.

Childers says the thief or thieves may have the access codes to get into the building because they may be renters themselves, storing the stolen items in their own lockers there.

He says APD is working with the business to help improve security and a company spokesman says they welcome the help.

Dionne says she has moved her belongings to a different locker in view of one of the cameras. She is now having trouble getting her insurance claim approved-- the insurance she bought through her rental agreement. She says it's about time the company lives up to its promises.

"They need to make sure that the people that are paying their money and putting their belongings in this storage, that their things are going to be safe, that they can count on it to be here once they leave the facility," she said.

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