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Bullets fly in Athens: Police investigate two cases of gunfire in Clarke County

Police report two cases of shots fired within two hours
Police Lights 16-9

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police in Clarke County are investigating two shootings that happened within hours of each other on Sunday night.

The first happened around 9 p.m. in the area of Johnson Drive and Indiana Avenue. According to police who responded to the scene, the victim was turning from the former onto the latter when he heard "several popping sounds" and then heard his rear window break. The evidence, a bullet hole in the liftgate and a shattered rear windshield, reinforced the driver's story.

The victim told police that he believed the shooters were in a black Honda that he saw behind him on Johnson Drive but was unaware of who would do this.

While no one was injured, police are still taking the investigation seriously and asking anyone with information on the shooting to contact Detective Conner at 706-613-3330 Ext. 337.

Residents reported yet another volley of gunfire about two hours later at around 11 p.m. This call came in at Athens Gardens Apartments on Coleridge Court where witnesses heard several shots being fired in the area.

Officers uncovered information on possible suspects - possibly teenagers - and then noticed a white Ford Mustang convertible leaving the complex with several young men inside.

Police attempted a traffic stop but said that one of the passengers ran from the car. So far, no charges have been filed and no victims of that shooting have come forward.

Authorities are hoping anyone with information call Sgt. David Norris at 706-613-3330 Ext. 556.

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