Investigators with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office hope evidence left behind will lead them to a serial burglar.

The thief hit three gas stations within a week:

  • Frazier's One Stop, located at 3124 E Highway 16 on January 8
  • Newnan One Stop, located at 1830 Highway 154, on January 12
  • Mac's Marathon, located at 870 E Highway 16, was burglarized on January 15

Surveillance video shows the January 8 burglary. The man is seen shattering the front door glass and entering the building. He then goes straight for register, pries it open and takes the cash.

Investigator said during the second burglary at Newnan's One Stop, he accidentally cut his hand and left blood on the cash register.

The blood sample was taken to the GBI crime lab and is being analyzed with the hopes of identifying the burglar.

Investigators said the burglar got away with $340 and a few packs of cigarettes during all three crime sprees.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Investigator Thrower at 770-253-1502.